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Madlyn & Co.

Moisturizing Spritz

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Madlyn & Co.’s all natural, handcrafted moisturizing spritz is currently available in our Winter blend for the dry, harsh Maine conditions. But we are excited to start batching our Spring blend!! We’re close, soooo close, so hang in there and spritz up!
Use & Directions: Madlyn & Co. moisturizing spritz is best used while still damp coming out of the shower, when pores are open and ready to absorb all the goodness that we have packed in! Our moisturizing spritz is also a fantastic one-two combo, with our ink oil, for tattoo aftercare. Whether your tattoo is new or old, our tattoo aftercare products are handcrafted to protect and prolong the vibrancy of your skin art. Our rich blend of all-natural oils are carefully selected to moisturize, promote healing and preserve your artwork. 
lavender & pine
portland, me
4 oz.
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